ADP Curtain Hoist With Key Switch

Electric Curtain Hoist with Key Switch provides the most convenient way to raise and lower your gym divider curtains. The vertical lifting load type with maximum load of 2,300 in-lbs torque will lift a 1000 lb curtain on a 2-3/4” winding diameter. Travel - 50 ft of lift on a 2-3/4” winding diameter with speed - 10.5 FPM using a 2-3/4” winding diameter. Electrical - 110 / 115 / 120 VAC, 60 cycle (other voltages and frequencies available on special order at additional cost). Features a 3/4 HP motor with 14 A (full load amperage); instant reversing, low maximum current draw design. Duty cycle standard 20 Minutes ON, 20 Minutes OFF. Gear reduction - Hardened steel worm gear; sealed gear case with precision ball bearings. Drive drum - 1” diameter output shaft with coupler to accept a 2-3/8” OD line shaft. Heavy duty upper and lower limit switches, gear driven for high accuracy. Constructed with a precision machined aluminum gear case.