ADP StartFit® Warm Up Package

Warm Ups Made Easy! The StartFIT® Warm-Up Package is a simple and effective way to prepare bodies and minds for physical activity. Engaging equipment and 75 easy-to-follow warm up exercise cards make implementation a breeze. Students can refer to photographs and instructions on exercise cards to help make sure they are doing warm up exercises correctly. 20 pre-made circuit maps help instructors immediately get their classes warmed up. With seven different types of equipment, there are 100s of warm up exercises possible. All equipment is stored on a mobile cart for easy, organized storage and transport. The Teacher Resource Guide outlines warm up exercises, circuits and includes other resources to ensure successful implementation of the program. The StartFIT® Warm-Up Package provides opportunities for 36 participants to increase their heart rate, core body temperature and blood flow with: Upper and lower body warm-ups, light physical activity,and Static & dynamic stretching