ADP River Rock™ Climbing Wall - Granite

Our new ADP River Rock™ Climbing Wall features a smooth surface like a polished river rock, perfect for climbing at any level. The color-coded Groperz™ Hand Holds offer a variety of options for climbers to use as they climb. Green hand holds are the largest and easiest to grip. The yellow holds come in a variety of sizes and offer a light challenge. The red holds are medium sized and provide the most challenge. Climbers can choose to use any color hand hold, or try the extra challenge of climbing using only hand holds of the same color. Our signature Red-Relief Line® is a safety feature that reminds climbers to stay within a distance of three feet from the floor and is a helpful tool for the climbing wall supervisor. The River Rock Climbing Wall offers all you need to get youth climbing the walls!

Each 4′ x 8′ River Rock™ Climbing Wall panel includes 20 patented Groperz Route-Setting Hand Holds, 66 preset placement options for mounting hand holds and the Red-Relief Line®.  A 10′-high version and fire retardant upgrade are available. 

Safety mats and a way to “close” your climbing wall to prevent unauthorized use are recommended.