ADP Dyslexie Font Magnet Set

The ADP Dyslexie Font Magnet Set expands kinesthetic literacy opportunities to students with Dyslexia, who may have previously struggled with these types of activities. The Font was specially designed so that each letterform is more easily distinguished as unique; making it less likely that similar letters, such as “b” and “d” will be confused. The nine characteristics of the Dyslexie font include a heavy bottom, slanted parts, bigger openings, slanted letters, longer ascender and descender, bold capitals, different heights, higher x axis, and better spacing.

The ADP Dyslexie font Magnet Set is for use with the Magna® Traverse Wall®, Discovery® Dry-Erase Traverse Wall and Adaptive Traverse Wall. Students can use these magnets on the magnet-accepting surfaces of these climbing walls to combine learning with movement in countless ways. For example, young children can identify, climb to and touch the letters in their name. Older children can climb to and move letter magnets to spell words or even combine magnetic words to create sentences.


  • 197 words, prefixes and suffixes
  • 60 numbers and symbols
  • 70 letters
  • Activity Guide