Ceiling Mounted Basketball Backstop P

ADP Lemco's rich history starts with the engineered design for our Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstops. Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop units contain clean overhead designs that are built for multiple types of building conditions, while providing adequate strength to handle the load of the equipment and the stress caused by years of competitive and recreational use. Units are available with a motor hoist or manual winch or stationary. Ceiling hung units have multiple configurations including forward fold front braced, forward fold rear braced, rear fold rear braced, side fold side braced, stationary rear braced, stationary front braced, stationary wall braced. Bent masts are available in situation where tight court lines exist.

There are many different combinations that each customer get to choose from. There are different types of glass backboard sizes, colors, optional height adjustors, connection points, etc. Call one of our agents today to discuss your needs and wants for a perfect fit for your gymnasium, home, church, recreation center, outdoor court or anywhere you want to play basketball.